About Musica Fiorita

Ensemble on period instruments for the music of the 17th and 18th Century.

Characteristics :

1 - Research

2 - Concert and opera activities

3 - CD-recordings

4 - Pedagogic: Courses and seminars about performance praxis

Musical director :

Daniela Dolci

Musical council :

Rafael Bonavita, Spain

Bork-Frithjof Smith, Switzerland

Juan Sebastian Lima, Switzerland

Musicological council :

Prof. Dinko Fabris, Italy

Dr.Phil. Takashi Yamada, Italy/ Japan

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt Basel, Switzerland

Accountant :

Margret Bucher

Assistant :

Laura Herren

Silja Reidemeister

Contacts for organizers :

Europe: Daniela Dolci

South America: Daniel Ganum

Foundation :

Council :

President, Dr. Thomas Christ

Musical director, Daniela Dolci

Association MUSICA FIORITA, Board :

President, Thomas Christ

Vice president, Daniela Dolci

Cashier, Margret Bucher

Networking, Daniela Settelen

Events, Andreas Häner

Auditor, Stephan Haberthür

Ensemble, Daniela Dolci

Next Projects: