The work of the baroque ensemble MUSICA FIORITA has been supported by members of the "Verein Musica Fiorita" and our patrons since its establishment in 1990.

It is because of their commitment that it is possible for us to continue our research for lost musical treasures from the baroque era and to circularise them through our concerts. Our work is usually documented on CD as well, since the music has never been published before.

It is of immense importance for MUSICA FIORITA to build a bridge between different cultures, be it through our collaboration with choirs and musicians in Poland, India or South America, to only name a few, or to help local composers become recognised through rediscovery.

Often we also have the chance to present the rediscovered art in innovatice concerts, for example in our project "Musica Moda Models".

Another important task is the educational aspect: Our collaboration with young artists is an enrichment for both sides, and in doing so it is often the first big step for the young musicians in their professional lives.


There are several ways to collaborate with us: 

1. Become a member of the "MUSICA FIORITA Society"

2. Become a patron of MUSICA FIORITA:

Uncommitted donation 

We will use your donation on a not yet completely funded project.

Donation for a specific project

Your donation will go towards a project of your choice.


With a bequest there is the possibility to consider MUSICA FIORITA in your will with a financial donation or donation in kind.


Projects for 2018:

"Dolci miei sospiri" - Contemporary medial interpretations of three well-known female composers of the baroque era

In this project, we present a selection of compositions from three famous female composers from the baroque era. We also want to shine a light on the very different lives these women led: Antonia Padoani Bembo and Elisabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre as two admired talents at the court of Louis XIV., Barbara Strozzi as a composer, musician, courtesan, and mother to children of different men in Venezia - all three lived very artistic, autonomous lives in great creativity, strength and freedom in a society that was still dominated by men.

This project is a collaboration with master students from the "Institut Lehrberufe Gestaltung und Kunst Basel". It will combine music, video-installation, literature and dance.

More projects to be added soon.


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For more information, please contact:

Laura Herren

Asisstant to the music director


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Next Projects:


March 8th, 7.30 pm, Ackermannshof Basel

"Dolci miei sospiri" 

Opening concert for the Festival frauen-


March 9th, 7.30 pm,
St. Anna-Kapelle Zürich